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For discerning women, desiring to express their happiness and confidence, DibaRey Designs produces affordable and unique clothing. Unlike other fashion companies who mass manufacture, DibaRey produces one of a kind organic designs that provide women with the opportunity to wear something special.

Our fashion philosophy is that people choose clothing that makes visual statements about themselves. Even folks who say they "don't care what they wear" choose clothes that speak volumes about their "style" and emotions. So our designs broadcast your loves and passions.

About DibaRey

"DIBA" means silk in the Persian language of Farsi. Most fashions at DibaRey are made from silk or similar natural fibres. Principally feminine in most cultures, silk is manufactured from the strands created by larval insects to form their cocoons. Silk seems to shimmer in changing colours due to the prism-like structure of the individual strands. Light in weight, it feels cool to the touch and is very durable. Accept no substitute. 

"REY" is Reyhaneh Sadat-Mansouri, an Iranian born fashion designer. For as long as she can remember, Rey has been sewing. She has been designing women's fashions in Canada since 1996 and graduated in 2010 with a fashion design degree.


VIDEO of several DibaRey Designs on the runway at the 2010 Fiat Mode in Vancouver, BC, Canada


VIDEO: award winning designer, Rey, is interviewed for the 2010 Fiat Mode in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Rey is inspired to transform the lyrics of love and life into wearable art. Moved by one of her early water color paintings, she has created a concoction of poems, colors, and fabrics in her latest collection. Style is eternal and what better way to design than to use words which live on!

We believe women should feel beautiful wearing custom made, all natural fashiong, so we design silk clothing for unique women. DibaRey women are intelligent, affluent, and classy. They need to feel beautiful at work or play, but remain comfortable in both. They want to stand out in a crowd and do so by making bold fashion statements.

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